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Understand our terms and conditions! :)

I - Duties of the Jota Agency

Create the design according to the Briefing filled in by the client.

Submit the proposal within the deadline established in the product description on the company's website.

Provide 3 (three) free changes that can be requested by the customer.

Forward all digital files via drive and post the physical products at the post office/carriers.

Send by e-mail all digital files of the items present in the contracted project.

Keep all information provided by the client in the creation process confidential until the project becomes public.   

Have the project files saved for a maximum of 90 (ninety) calendar days in case the client needs to reship the material. After that, a value of R$ 100.00 (one hundred reais) will be charged to resend the files.

II - Direct from the Jota Agency

Decline services depending on their content or circumstances.

Suspend the project if the client does not submit the requested information within 30 (thirty) business days after the initial payment.

Postpone the agreed deadline for project delivery by up to 20 working days (due to various circumstances that may compromise the progress of the agenda, such as, for example: change of address, health problems, equipment defect, mourning, etc.).

Charge extra fees 5% of the product value for changes that exceed the agreed limit.

Publicize your clients' project on your social media to promote your portfolio.

Only send all the contracted service/material upon full payment made by the customer.

When the project is in the creation phase and the client wants to cancel, Agência Jota will keep the amount paid at the beginning of the contract, to cover the schedule reservation (which could have booked another client who is on the waiting list) and load it. working hours already started for research and sketches.

If there is a lack of communication on the part of the customer or lack of return to what was requested by the agency, causing delay or making it impossible to continue production, the order will be canceled and 50% (fifty percent of the amount will be returned to the customer).

After 1 month of non-response from the client without prior notice, the project will be canceled and the amount paid will not be refunded.

Have a period of 30 days to receive the final amount from the client, otherwise the project will be excluded from our system and the client will have to hire the service again and schedule a new date.

III - Client's Duties

Make full payment of the order amount according to the agreement established in the initial.

Make a maximum of 3 free change requests in previews.

Answer the questionnaire (briefing) sent by Agência Jota with as much detail as possible so that the project achieves excellence as desired by the parties.

Inform via e-mail the receipt of all contracted material.

Continue the project within 30 calendar days, otherwise the project will be cancelled.

IV - Rights  of the customer

Receive all the service and material you hired.

Receive the briefing to be answered after payment.

Receive due service, clarification and satisfaction from the company.

Have autonomy and right to use the image on the files, media and materials received from the company.

If you regret the purchase within 7 days of hiring and have a full refund of the amount paid, within 2 business days.

Give up the project after the creation has started, however THERE WILL BE NO refund of the value, for the designer's workload, reservation of space in the agenda and study work already started.

V - Deadlines

Deadline  post-purchase: The customer will have a period of up to 48 hours after confirmation of purchase to contact via Whatsapp.  

Deadline for delivery of Visual Identity: The deadline is 10 working days after the briefing is answered.  

Deadline for delivery of Digital Arts: The deadline is 5-20 working days depending on the service after sending the information.  

Deadline for delivery of the Arts for Prints: The deadline is 5 to 10 business days depending on the service after sending the information.  

Change period: After sending the Visual Identity, if the Contractor requests any changes to the project, the Contractor will have a period of 5 working days to make the necessary changes requested.

Deadline for sending digital files: Up to 5 business days to send the digital files to the customer via email.

Print production deadline: The deadline is 10 to 30 business days after the artwork is approved, the time varies depending on the service after sending the information.  

VI - Warranty

Considering that the printed material may vary in intensity and color tone, in relation to the monitor or the printed proof, as well as in relation to reprints, it is not possible to guarantee the fidelity of the colors.


VII - Disclaimer of Liability

Agência Jota is not responsible for:

  • Plagiarism/copying of the client's brand; 

  • Loss of files and irresponsible use by the customer after 60 days; 

  • Incorrect information for the production of a project; 

  • Incorrect information in printed materials already checked by the customer and sent for printing or already printed; 

  • Lack of communication from the client (after 30 days without communication, the project will be automatically cancelled/finished), with no refund of the amount invested;

  • Information sent incorrectly in the briefing within up to 2 business days.


  VIII - Denial of Execution of the Requested Service

Agência Jota will not execute any request for the provision of a service that has the following contents:

  • Racism;

  • Chauvinism;

  • Religious, sexual, ideological or racial prejudice;

  • Xenophobia;

  • Homophobia;

  • Incitement to hatred;

  • Incitement to torture.


New demands will not be accepted when it is not possible to meet the deadlines established in this contract, aiming to provide a quality service to its customers.

An email will always be sent to the customer informing the reason why the service will not be provided. And, in the case of non-continuity in the provision of the service by the contractor,  it will refund the value of the purchased product.

IX - Cancellation Policy

The client has up to 7 days to withdraw from the project, without any charge from the Contractor, as explained in Art. 49 of the Consumer Protection Code.

In the event of withdrawal after the deadline stipulated above, the following amounts will be charged:

• Previews sent and not altered: 50% of the value;

• Project sent and changed even in previews: 25% of the value;

• Project sent, altered in previews and in the final presentation: 10% of the value.

If the client does not respond to the (briefing), do not send the information or do not contact us within 30 days, there will be NO type of refund and the project cannot be used as it violates the intellectual property law of Agência Jota.

By hiring our services you agree to all the terms above, it is not possible to change any paragraph, unless there is a mutual agreement.


X - Custom Scheduling and Budgets

Personalized appointments and quotes are made through WhatsApp or E-mail, as they are exclusive, they have terms, conditions and information that are different from those presented above.

If the client requests, a proposal is sent for the production of photography and social media services.

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